Galaxy S II (S2) vs Droid Bionic: Visual Display Bears All

Two of the most talked about smartphones at the current time are of course the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola’s Droid Bionic, despite the US still waiting for the Galaxy’s release and the Droid Bionic not launching until at least August/September time. Past articles we’ve written have included comparisons between the two as well as others from Apple, LG, HTC and Nokia, hands-on and reviews for the Galaxy, how to up your smartphones battery life and so on.

Today what caught our attention, was a survey carried out by Mashwork which looked into just how much the public like the Galaxy S2 and the Droid Bionic, and if given the choice which one they would choose? According to Mashable, the social media company carrying out the research looked at a huge 14,838 consumer poll in which the results were then transferred into a infographic.

To find out the overall scores, Mashwork decided between April 1 and June 21, to look at unsolicited conversations on varying social media sites. As you can see from the infographic below, the results concluded that a bigger percentage were keen to purchase a Galaxy S2 over the Droid Bionic. Some 39% were in fact keen to get their hands on a Galaxy compared to just 19% with the Bionic, with those mulling over which one to buy resulting in 29% for the Galaxy S2 and 13% for the Bionic.

Give us your thoughts on the two in question? Which one is ticking the boxes for you? With the Galaxy S2 due to be released in America on July 29th, will you be prepared to wait just a few more weeks for the Droid Bionic to make its entrance? Reports have led us to believe that the Motorola will come with enhanced features including a 4.5-inch screen, bigger dual-core processor and camera than previously reported.

  • Ross Binkley

    Where did you get the July 29th release date for the Galaxy S II? I haven’t seen a U.S. release date for either the Bionic or the Galaxy S II confirmed yet.