Pope’s Messages Posted on Social Media From New Vatican Site

We have noted lately the increasing use of social media within the church such as the iPhone Confession App approved by the Catholic Church and a Facebook page dedicated to the beatification of Pope John Paul II. Today we have heard that a new website for the Pope is being established by the Vatican, a news portal whereby messages from the Pope will be posted on social media sites.

Earlier this year we wrote an article about Pope Benedict’s views on social networking and told how although he didn’t have his own Facebook account he said he could see the opportunities that social networking could offer. Now it seems this has been taken a step further. Wednesday, June 29, also the 60th anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s ordination, will see the launch of the new website, aimed at improving communications between the pope and the public. You can see the website at www.news.va.

This news comes to us from Angela Khan over on Dots Press, who also tells how the website may actually be launched by the Pope himself, with one simple click. The portal will collect news from various sources such as Radio Vatican, Vatican Information Service, newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, the Holy See Press Office and others and will launch in English and Italian with other versions in Spanish, French, German and Portuguese to start in the autumn. The portal will interact with both Facebook and Twitter and will allow the Pope’s messages to be broadcast to those social networks and also YouTube. It will also allow of course, messages from the rest of the world to be given to the Pope.

What are your thoughts on the Vatican and the Pope’s attempts to make use of the Internet and social media? Let us know by sending us your comments.