Michael Jackson 2 Year Anniversary: Viral Videos To Remember

Its hard to believe that the King of Pop “Michael Jackson,” passed away two years ago. For many fans, they will always remember the time and place of when they first heard of the superstar’s death. As well as TV and radio channels broadcasting the news, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube came alight with fans leaving their very own tributes, messages, prayers and so on.

Today thanks to Mashable, we can remember Michael Jackson through a set of YouTube viral videos. Fans over the years have impersonated their favorite songs, danced the moon walk, taken part in guinness world records such as the time in Mexico when over 13,000 people danced to Thriller.

Mashable have put together 10 video clips, which include the very young right through to 3 senior citizens named the “Awesome Threesome” dancing to Billie Jean, which to be honest grabs the top spot for us. Tell us which ones your favorite, or have you got one of your own? Where were you when you heard of Michael Jackson’s death?