iPhone 5 vs New Top Spec Samsung “Exynos” Phone

Whether or not you’re an Apple fan, news of their next generation smartphone just keeps on coming. For months now, rumors have been rife surrounding its specs, price, name and of course release date. With the WWDC event now been and gone, the iPhone 5 is expected during the month of September which coincidentally falls the same time as the Droid Bionic, Photon 4G both from Motorola and possibly the US Galaxy S2.

But if the news today of a new Samsung phone is anything to go by, then Apple will need to up their game even more. According to Desire Athow at ITProportal.com via Popherald, a new Samsung may be released, to outsmart the competition. If the rumors have any truth in them, then we may be looking at an Android 2.3.4 handset from the Korean company, with a Exynos 1.4GHz dual-core processor which will be bigger than its Galaxy S2 neighbor.

Included in the specs will be, 1GB RAM along with the company’s own TouchWiz user interface, benefit of Google Talk and may possibly be launched away from the current ā€œSā€ generation branding.

As with both handsets, we have no solid release date but keep your eyes peeled for the month of September, as things will no doubt start to hot up!

What are your thoughts on yet another phone from Samsung? Would it be a wise move to steer away from the current branding and bring something new to the market? Would you be tempted over an iPhone 5?