iPad 2 Benefits From New Skype App: Coming Soon

We are all familiar with Skype, and after its introduction into the smartphone world has seen it experience great success. Be it through Android or iPhone handsets the extension of the desktop internet calls application to mobile devices, has given a wider range of usage.

The only area that Skype has missed out on is the tablet market, but according to a report from Phones Review states that this is about to change. Apple has released plans to introduce the service to the iPad 2 which to be honest is no great surprise.

As the iPad slate becomes the most useful device money can buy, it seemed obvious that Skype needed to join the party. As yet there is no indication from Skype as to when we will be likely to see the app, but the chances are that it wont take long for it to appear.

Until then you can always check out the You Tube clip sourced by TUAW, which gives some brief footage of an iPad 2 supporting Skype. According to Rick Osterloh, Vice President of Skype Consumer and Product Design, the company expects to see similar success with the iPad introduction as they found with the iPhone.

When Apple’s smartphone gained the Skype addition, its user-base was doubled within the first month. Once the iPad version is released it will offer the same chat, audio and video calling capabilities that we have all become use to. As soon as we here anymore information regarding the release dates we will update you. Tell us if you will be connecting via Skype on your iPad?