Future iPhone 6 for 2012: A6 Processor Rumor

Speculation about the Apple iPhone 5 is at fever pitch at the moment and just in the last day or so we’ve reported on the latest rumor about it having a dual-LED flash and also the news that when it’s released in Europe it’s likely to be twice as popular to purchase than an Android handset choice. Believe it or not though, we now want to turn our attention briefly to another future iPhone, the iPhone 6 for 2012, as new rumors suggest it will have an A6 processor.

The iPhone 5 which most of us are now expecting to see around September time, is rumored to have an A5 processor but news of a new A6 processor comes to us from Sam Oliver over on Apple Insider, sourced from DigiTimes. It suggests that the third-generation mobile processor, the A6, will be shipping some time in 2012 and will be used for the iPhone 6 and also the iPad 3. The source claims that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has a “good chance of winning orders” for the A6 processor.

The A4 processor and the A5 processor hinted for the iPhone 5 (already in the iPad 2) have been supplied by Samsung Electronics and iPhone FAQ suggests that the current Samsung and Apple feud is what might lead to the A6 processor being produced elsewhere. For those still more interested in the iPhone 5 (and who can blame them) there’s more news from DigiTimes, the Taiwanese newspaper often associated with Apple Product leaks. The paper claims that the first production run of 15 million iPhone 5’s, ready for launch and for the first 4 weeks afterwards, will be handed out between Foxconn and Pegatron Technology. That’s one impressive initial production figure!

Redmond Pie also reports on the A6 processor speculation and tells us that the A6 is expected to be notably faster than the A5 and that it could even be a quad-core processor rather than dual-core. You may also be interested in a previous article of ours about the iPhone 6 possibly having an LCD display. There’s exciting times ahead for all those interested in iPhone news that’s for sure and we’ll continue to keep you informed of all the latest developments, though for now at least we’ll be concentrating more on the iPhone 5 (or 4S). What are your thoughts on this latest speculation about the iPhone 6? Let us know with your comments.

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    I think people are pretty confused about the release of the iphone 5. It would be very hard to speculate on the iphone 6 now. Who knows, do you guys think Apple could give the iphone 4g another 6-8 months and then simply come out with the iphone 6!!!