Twitter & Colorful Empire State Building Celebrate US Gay Pride

Earlier today, we reported that gay marriages will now be legalised in the state of New York City. This follows on from a vote of 33-29 in favor of the bill being allowed to go forward. Understandingly huge crowds have gathered in NYC to celebrate this as well as taking part in this weekend’s Gay Pride event, with others taking to social networking sites to leave their messages of happiness.

What caught our attention along with many others on Twitter, was that of the iconic Empire State Building, which was decked out in multi-colored lights to celebrate Gay Pride Weekend. As Mashable reported, it fast became a trending topic on the site listed as “Empire State Building,” with a huge amount of you retweeting the Twitpic.

The rainbow colors seen on the famous building represent the Gay Pride flag. An interesting article from, lists smaller events with times taking place in the Big Apple this weekend. The Pride which initially started in 1969 has been celebrated every year, but yesterday’s news for some has given it that extra special meaning.

Tell us what you are doing this weekend for Gay Pride? Are you in NYC?