Same Sex Marriage Legalised In NYC, Twitter Trends

Last night came the news that many gay couples in America had been waiting to hear, the legislation of same sex marriages. The decision was reached and agreed on by the New York State Senate late last night in which a vote was held in favor 33-29.

Following on from this, celebrations have and will be taking place including as the reported gay pride festivities this weekend in New York City, as well as the iconic Empire State Building being lit up in a rainbow of color. Social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter have been inundated with comments and messages.

According to as well as the everyday person taking to the sites, some top Hollywood names also showed their backing including Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin and Shannon Elizabeth.

Tweets included Baldwin saying, “Marriage equality…vote yes.” Martin responded to this by joking, “Alec! Now we can get married!”

Shannon Elizabeth tweeted, “Congrats to NY!!! I just heard gay marriage passed 30 minutes ago yayayay!!!!”

How are you celebrating? Give us your thoughts, have you been waiting for this moment?