Facebook Scam/Virus/Malware Roundup: Things To Avoid

This week has been a bit crazy with all sorts of different virus, malware and scams. Some of them have been ones that have reared their ugly heads previously where as others are pretty new and have taken advantage of recent events.

Firstly going back to June 18th we added a report about a scam going around with the title “Dad walks in on Daughter… EMBARRASING!!!” this isn’t a new scam but it’s been sighted more often and it’s definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Next up was back on June 20th where we reported on the next scam that was hitting people, the title of it was the “Overly Dramatic Orgasm.” A new scam on the block but it spread like wildfire catching people out left right and centre.

On June 21st there were two more that caught our eye, they were “The Most Provokative Video Ever” and another that was titled “WTF – What are you doing in this video???” Both of these were certainly giving people some grief where they were promised various sexy images and videos and instead ended up having details swiped and embarrassing themselves by having it plastered on their walls.

June 22nd came along and OSM’s Mike Smith alerted us all to a phishing scam going around sporting the CNN name, it was titled “Times are changing” with the CNN logo featuring on what looks like a video. This was one that I saw personally appearing on friend’s walls.

Another scam that was seen very frequently this week and perhaps one of the sickest scams we have ever seen was “Ryan Dunn Last Words – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO.” This was a scam literally two days following the Jackass stars unfortunate death. This is a good example of how these people work, they keep an eye out for something happening in the world or a world event and make a scam relating to it… Just so you all know for future reference.

The final one that we saw this week was one that sported the name of a global superstar “J-Lo’s Wardrobe Malfunction.” This is another example of the scams that we see, anything regarding a big time celebrity.

If you have been a victim to any of these scams then click on the link to it on the title of each of them above. They will have a guide on what you should do next associated with them to try and stop the spread of them, alternatively follow this link and it will tell you how to solve the majority of the problems. Share this with your friends so we can try to stop the spread of these dirty scams and keep our social network a better safer place.

Have you seen any of these scams going around? Let us know in the comments section below.