Disney Comics App for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch: Hours of Fun

We often bring you news on mobile apps and today we have details of one that will please many parents out there. The Disney Comics App is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and should keep the kids happy and entertained for hours.

The app is now available from the Apple App Store and over 50 comics are accessible through the app from traditional Disney figures that we know and love like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, right through to the characters that so many of today’s youngsters know, such as Buzz Lightyear. Content from contemporary Disney movies, such as High School Musical and Tron, will also be available.

The new app will be music to the ears for many parents who’ve noticed how much their little ‘uns enjoy playing with their iPads or other iOS devices and are often more clued up with such devices than we are. Russell Hampton, president of Disney Publishing Worldwide said, “Comics are a tremendous part of our heritage and we see great potential and interest in bringing our extensive catalog of Disney Comics to mobile devices,” according to Paul Lamkin over on Pocket-Lint.

The various comics can be purchased in-app from 59p or the actual app itself is free. For the U.S. in-app purchases begin at $1 for an individual story or $4.99 for bundles, according to Macworld, which also says that 2 new titles will be added to those available every week. We reckon this is a great way to keep the kids happy for those long car journeys or waiting room experiences and there should be something to please everybody. Will you be downloading the Disney Comics App for your kids? Let us know with your comments.