Social Networking Use Across the Globe: Infographic Shows

Here at OSM we’ve made no secret of our love of a good infographic. Just yesterday we published one about Apple vs. Microsoft which had to be one of the best infographics we’ve ever seen, and just previous to that we detailed an infographic about Facebook’s history from dorm to IPO. Today we have another fascinating infographic for you, this time about social network use across the globe.

Social networking is now truly global and part of people’s everyday lives in many regions of the world but do we all use social networking in the same way and are there cultural differences? The infographic sets out to look at this and was created by Global Web Index, a market research service, with research from Trendstream. The research was in the form of surveys about consumer adoption of the Internet and social media across 36 markets of the globe. The infographic was brought to our attention by Sarah Kessler over on Mashable.

Between 750 and 2,000 users in each market were defined into three behavior types, messagers and mailers, content sharers and joiners and creators of groups. As you can see from the infographic, viewable in full at either the Global Web or Mashable links above, there are definite differences in the way various countries use social networks, with some regions more focused on sending messages and others more interested in content sharing. The amount of active social networkers for each market in percentages is also shown. There’s also a graph that displays global social network penetration.

The infographic certainly creates an intriguing look at social network use around the world. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Are you surprised by any of the statistics? Let us know with your comments.

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant infographic showing social media network trends across the globe – it is really interesting to look at my Google Analytics stats over the last 6 – 12 months to see how the amount of traffic to my website gets heavily influenced when I am actively engaging on various social channels.