MacBook Air Release Confusion: New 2011 Refresh Wanted

We’ve been discussing the new 2011 MacBook Air refresh for some time and previously talked about a possible release last week and then reported how the new MacBook Airs may be kept back until the new Mac OS X Lion is ready next month. There seems to be an awful lot of release confusion about the next Air though and we have seen further speculation about this today.

Over the last couple of months we’ve written about possible new features you’d like for the next MacBook Air line and also what price they may be. We also recently told more about the new processors and Thunderbolt technology expected and then heard rumors that the next MacBook Air could have a black aluminum finish option. News today is that the supply chain for the next MacBook Airs will begin in full gear from July.

This comes to us from Arnold Kim over on MacRumors from a report on DigiTimes. What’s more it’s said that Apple is expected to receive 8 million MacBook Airs in the third quarter, doubling the output from the previous quarter. The same sources in the DigiTimes article also confirmed the Thunderbolt addition and the fact it will be running on Mac OS X Lion on release. As Kim points out though, this contradicts earlier reports that ramped-up production for the next MacBook Airs was already well underway. MacRumors also points out that the figures DigiTimes has quoted are questionable. In fact the 8 million MacBook Air units predicted by sources for the Taiwanese newspaper is actually double the output of ALL Macs from the previous quarter, not just the MacBook Air.

On top of this MacRumors says that they have received separate information talking of a possible MacBook Air refresh release in the third week of July. You might also be interested in an article on Apple Bitch, which also discusses the figures in the DigiTimes article and talks about the increased sales forecast for the MacBook Air, if indeed the figures are accurate.

We would love to be able to give you some more solid news about when exactly we will see the MacBook Air 2011 refresh but for now it’s sadly still a case of wait and see. We know from previous comments to our MacBook Air articles that many of you are waiting for the refresh. Do you wish Apple would just come out with some specific release news? Maybe you’re getting tired of waiting, although my gut feeling is that the new MacBook Air will be here very soon? Let us know with your comments.

  • Jasser Warmnight

    my money is already waiting for macbook air 13″ sandy bridge with osx lion, hopefully will come out sometime in Q2 2011.