HTC Glamor: A Smartphone For The Ladies

The smartphone market is more competitive than ever, there are lots of different devices being released by manufacturers all the time. One that has found particular success in recent times is HTC and now we have heard about something new they will be releasing. It’s the HTC Glamor, a smartphone for the ladies!

It’s really good to see as HTC has already proven that they can make top notch high end smartphones and now they are trying to flex their muscles in a slightly different direction. Smartphones have become an everyday item in our lives that a lot of people feel that they cannot be without.

We heard about the device through an article over on Slashgear’s Rue Liu who says that HTC is trying to figure out what women want, he also mentions that the phone in the above image looks very much like a shortened Incredible S or Sensation and he’s right, it does!

The original source of this information is PocketNow where Evan Blass is telling us about the brightly colored device. From the released image we see it has a yellow, blue and pink model meaning it’s almost certainly female targeted. We are wondering if they will have a smartphone targeted specifically at men or not.

What do you think of HTC’s new adventure into the world of femininity? Let us know your thoughts on the handset in the comments section below.