Crime Boss Busted – Facebook Lends A Hand

Facebook has seen many uses over time, one of them have been where the bigamist was found out through the social network and now we have a new story to tell you about. This time a crime boss has been busted where Facebook lends a hand to nab him.

We learned of this story through an article over on where Jennifer Moire is talking about it. She says that the Federal Bureau of Investigation captured James “Whitey” Bulger of Boston thanks to a widespread campaign that included the social networking giant Facebook.

We are also told that with his arrest and Osama Bin Laden’s demise recently, the FBI has been able to scratch off two names from their top 10 most wanted list. The FBI actually announced his capture on their Facebook wall which you can view on this link.

This is a great example of social media being used for good which we don’t really hear about, more often than not we only get to hear about the negatives so it’s definitely nice for a change! There we have it, the “Boston Boogeyman” has been caught and social networking had a helping hand, nice work.

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