Study: UK Are Most Paranoid About Catching PC Viruses

There is nothing worse than logging on to your PC and finding out that you have been infected by those nightmarish viruses and scams that are plaguing the internet. So that we do not have to endure such hardships many of us buy PC security like anti-virus software. A study has been conducted to see which country is the most paranoid about the security on their computer and it turns out to be here in the UK.

To determine which countries were the most paranoid, the researchers looked at which countries had the highest percentage of security software on their PCs. G Data’s survey was conducted on 16,000 people around 11 different countries, Tech Radar writes. Over 1,000 of those participants were from the UK and a very cautious 94% of those people had security of their PC.

This level of protective software is high compared to that of another European country like Russia, where 83% of their PC owners have a form of security. Not only did the UK have a high protection level, they also had one of the highest scores on “full suite” security. 65% of Brits had the full works when it comes to computer safety, which is a good sign. We have recently seen a string of scams going around on high profile sites like Facebook.

A number of security experts have praised the UK’s high level of PC security, stating that it is needed with the growing amount of dangerous malware and scams all around the internet. It would be better to call the UK risk adverse instead of paranoid when its comes to forking out for security software. However we all know that anti-viruses are mainly put in place to stop getting infected from dodgy downloads.