Social Media Relevance: Entrepreneurs Express Opinion

The use of social media is gaining credibility and in turn individuals, big and small organisations and so on are taking on the challenge of using it. When we look at past articles we’ve written about in relation to social media, using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have all contributed to increased customer interest and sales figures.

Just recently we have brought you news about sports brand HEAD, tissue company Kleenex, Dunkin Donuts and Nestle that have all got advertising and marketing campaigns on the go. But although to some social media has been a life-saver, many are arguing that it has made no difference to their business. Take a research study carried out on a group of entrepreneurs.

According to, the study, named “What Makes Entrepreneurs Tick?” which was carried out by “Andrum Consulting,” asked this very group of people whether they thought social media had made any impact. The results concluded that 17% had claimed their business had grown over the past 12 months thanks to social media. On the flipside to this, 40% said that using sites such as Facebook, Twitter and professional site LinkedIn had made no difference whatsoever.

Statistical information showed that in the next 12 months, social media will indeed keep on growing in popularity, with a fairly high 73% expecting a 6% or more sales growth from using the very idea.

Interestingly within the results, it showed some of the reasons behind peoples’ mixed views to social media, examples of this included a lack of training budget, not enough hours in the working day resulting in some not wanting to gamble with the implementation of social media.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you part of, or own a business that has taken up the social media challenge? Tell us of your experiences, good/bad?