Nintendo Wii U Range: Same Room, TV Alternative

The world of console gaming may be about to be turned upside down as at E3 we learned of the Nintendo Wii U and it’s unique controller. The controller as suspected before the event will stream the game not only to your TV but it can also do it to the controller, this brought up many questions about it. Now we have found out that the range of the Wii U is limited to the same room making it a TV alternative.

The unique design of the controller lets you flick your game from the TV onto your screen if your loved ones want to watch their favorite soaps and sitcoms and you get to carry on playing. It’s definitely an interesting approach from Nintendo and not one that we have really seen from the competitors on the market.

We learned of its same room status through an article over on Geeky-Gadgets where Catalin Alexandru is talking about the device. The author mentions that it would be desirable to be able to take a walk around the house and carry on playing your game but it just doesn’t work like that, it’s not how it was designed.

The original source of the information is Kotaku where Shigeru Miyamoto was talking to them about the console. They were left with the impression that this is a controller with the screen and that you have to imagine there are invisible wires connecting it to your console. Although it’s not been completely dismissed we all suspect that this will be a same room controller for the Wii U.

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