J-Lo’s Wardrobe Malfunction: You Guessed It… Facebook Scam

Those dirty scammers are up to no good again, this time they are using Jennifer Lopez as the bait to try and lure you in. The latest Facebook scam is titled “J-Lo’s wardrobe malfunction.” This is another survey scam where they use various celebrities and events to try to make money; you can see what the wall post for this one looks like below.

If you have received this on your wall and have been unfortunate enough to have fallen for the trick then you will be directed to another page which looks like a YouTube clip in the background. In the centre of the apparent clip is an age verification that gives the scammers the user input they require, after all you wouldn’t click it if it said “click here to load the survey.”

If you have clicked on any of the buttons on the above screen then unfortunately you will have just loaded the survey page which is where the scammers earn their money through commission. You will be greeted with the below message and it’s really important not to go through the survey as informed by the guys over at Facecrooks.com.

If you have gone through with it like many have then you will need to navigate to the wall post on Facebook and then hit the “X” button and select “mark as spam” from the drop down menu. You can learn more about how to remove this and any other scam you may have fallen for by following this guide.

Have you seen your friends getting caught out by this scam? Let us know in the comments section below.