iBuildapp Allows Users To Create Smartphone Apps With Ease

Since the release of Angry Birds, which is arguably the first smash hit in terms of Smartphone applications, there have been hundreds and thousands of applications created and distributed across a number of Smartphone operating systems. However the problem for people like me is that they lack the knowledge and skills to turn a great idea into a functioning application.

For those who lack the ability to write code for Android and iOS systems, iBuildApp is there to help you create your own application using their software. Using very simple and easy tools, you can create a page for your business, a picture gallery or an application for musicians to get the word out about their music or band. I had a quick play with it, and I was able to get a nice looking home page up and running in a few minutes.

Each of the buttons on the home screen will take you to a page, where you can add in maps, news, images, links to Facebook and even HTML pages. Though I only had a short play with the tools, somebody with a plan of what they want their app to look like could surely create something that would look good and advertise their brand or website. These tools are not for creating games, but for creating applications that display information about your service or brand.

For more information about this new app developing software, check out their website here. Follow this link for more articles about the iPhone, or this link for more articles about the Android smartphone operating system.