Facebook IPO Path: From Dorm to Silicon Valley

Here at OSM we do love a good infographic and just recently showed you a head-to-head with Walmart vs. Amazon. One of our other favorite subjects is giant social network Facebook, so it’s fitting that today’s infographic follows the path of Facebook from dorm to Silicon Valley, or founding to IPO.

We have recently reported on Facebook growth slowing down but it is still the world’s most dominant social network and we also recently posted an article about the planned IPO in 2012. Today’s infographic clearly shows, in pictorial form, the rise of Facebook, with employee numbers, userbase, funding, value and more and it’s a fascinating read. You can see the full infographic below this story or click on the link here.

The infographic was created by Namesake, a social media startup, and brought to our attention by Jolie O’Dell over on Mashable. As you can see there’s some really interesting information, from quick facts such as more than 2,000 employees and over 600 million users, to details on the people behind the network, with of course Mark Zuckerberg leading the field. Then come the serious figures with funding, valuation, revenue and profitability until we come to the IPO potential, where Facebook has the potential of outgunning companies such as Amazon, Cisco Systems and HP.

Take a good look at the infographic and let us know if you are shocked or surprised by any of the statistics involved. Do you think Facebook will fulfill its IPO potential? Let us have your comments on this.