YouTube “Breakdancing Gorilla” Sensation: Zola Busts Moves

Viral video site Youtube which initially launched back in 2005 is still attracting people in their millions. Used as a way to upload and share video content, we have reported on all sorts of news on the site. In the past its been dancing teachers, spoof videos of celebrities, film trailers for forthcoming movies such as the last Harry Potter or The Muppets and just the other day news of a pooch flamenco dancing.

Today its the turn of a 8-year old Gorilla who has been filmed by his keepers break-dancing at the Calgary Zoo, well we say break dancing, see for yourself with the embedded video below. As reported, the Western Lowland Gorilla which coincidentally are an endangered species, named “Zola” was seen moving his feet and spinning on the spot in a puddle of water.

The keepers decided to add the music and upload the video onto YouTube. Good move on their part, as the brief clip has captured a huge amount of interest with some 493,971 hits. Pretty impressive.

Give us your thoughts on the video clip? Have you yourself ever posted your pet or a wild animal doing something out of the ordinary? Let us know.