Will Yahoo Buy Hulu After Mystery Bid?

Online video giant Hulu has been the subject of a bid from an unknown company which has now turned out to be Yahoo. However would Hulu be interested in putting their huge video streaming operation up for sale?

Initial reports suggested it was Google that had launched the bid for Hulu; however it is Yahoo who has been unmasked as the potential buyer. If Hulu are interested in selling, it would still prove a daunting task as Mashable reports that they are very reliant on content from film studios and TV networks who provide them with content.

Hulu has its content provided by ABC owners Disney, News Corp owners Fox and NBCUniversal. All 3 have large equity stakes in Hulu so it would only take 1 to disapprove of the sale for problems to arise. If any of the suppliers pulls their content from Hulu it will dramatically effect the quality of the service and the site’s value. If Yahoo can buy Hulu it could greatly help them as they are losing ground on Facebook and Google.

Hulu is the second largest online video service in the world behind YouTube, with Google’s site being available worldwide. Hulu is only available in the US, with Times of India reporting that an expansion is in the works. This would significantly improve business for Hulu, so should they remain independent or take a chance and sell up? Leave us your thoughts on this in the comments.