Tiger Woods & Jimmy Carr Join 1 Million Twitter Followers Club

Social networking has become a craze that everyone in the world is taking up, it’s not only normally people but also companies, celebrities and sportsmen and women too. Now we have heard that both Tiger Woods & Jimmy Carr have joined the 1 million Twitter followers club.

This is a milestone that 434 people have managed so far so with these two joining in means we are on 436. This is great news for Tiger Woods who is now out of his bad patch and trying to concentrate on what he is best known for, his golf. He beat Jimmy car to joining the club but when you think of the millions of people that potentially don’t even know what Tiger Woods looks like they will still know his name as one of the greatest golfers.

Jimmy Carr on the other hand is one of my favorite comedians, the funny man features on various UK TV shows as well as touring the country telling his funny jokes and stories. Reaching 1 million followers on Twitter is certainly a great achievement for him. After checking out his Twitter account we realized another reason why people will follow him, he has some great gags on there!

We learned of the new additions through an article over on AllTwitter by Shea Bennett who also mentions a few names waiting to enter the 1 million followers club, names such as Peter Andre, Willow Smith and Rubens Barrichello.

Are you surprised that either of these two made it to 1 million followers? Let us know in the comments section below.