Meet Spreaker: Create and Share Radio Shows and Podcasts

If you’re a radio enthusiast and like the idea of creating your own shows and podcasts, we have news today of a web application that will enable you to both record and share, without the necessity of downloading software. Maybe you fancy yourself as a bit of a DJ and that’s where Spreaker, a creative and social website, comes in.

Spreaker allows you to mix both voice and audio tracks via the web based DJ console and also enable you to share your efforts in a live broadcast. You can upload files and use the music library that has thousands of songs along with sound effects. What’s even better is that it’s free and content is user-created with no restrictions. We’ve embedded a video below this story which clearly explains what the site is all about.

If you check out here you’ll find content such as featured shows and sections about the user-friendly console and an on-air section for broadcasting live or allowing you to record and broadcast later. There’s also a get connected section for a truly social experience to invite your friends to listen to your show or share on Facebook and other social media sites. A Spreaker app for iPhone is also available and before long you could be playing your own radio show on your iPhone!

We’ve taken a really good look at Spreaker and believe us, you will want to try it once you see it so take a look for yourselves as we reckon you’ll enjoy it too. Are you already a Spreaker user who enjoys the user community and creativity of the site or maybe you’re new to it but are going to give it a whirl? Let us know with your comments.