Dummy Prank At The GJJ School Becomes A YouTube Hit

The Gracie brothers pride themselves on their fighting abilities, so much so that they have setup their own fighting school for people to learn their ways. Now we are learning how these guys have fun in the Dummy Prank at the GJJ school which has become a YouTube hit.

The clip starts off with Rener Gracie explaining what’s going to happen; they show a fighting dummy which is named “Bubba Gracie” which is human like in size and weight but of course isn’t alive. Gracie explains how Bubba never complains, never taps out, shows up early, stays late… and never leaves!

He goes on to introduce the person who will imitate Bubba, Brian “T-City” Ortega. They setup the prank in his office where Bubba normally resides, they replace Bubba with Ortega who is dressed in a full black suit and then puts the gee over the top.

The prank then kicks in as people are used to seeing the dummy just sitting in the chair and they are getting help to move the dummy to a storage area. The unsuspecting victims are then given a fright as they think Bubba has all of a sudden come to life, some of the reactions are hilarious, they even manage to prank a famous student that they have in Eve Torres of the WWE. Check it out at the bottom of the article.

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