BlackBerry PlayBook Update 1.0.6 Live Today

Having flash support on their device is a real selling point for RIM and the PlayBook and now we have just heard that the BlackBerry PlayBook update 1.0.6 will be live today. With that being the case we thought we would share its contents with you.

Perhaps this is why O2 ditched the PlayBook last week with the “Customer Issues” that they had cited, O2 put it as the end to end customer experience. We learned of the update through Engadget’s Darren Murph who says that it will contain support for Adobe Flash 10.3 and AIR 2.7, Murph mentions that what this basically means is we will see improved flash performance on the little device.

The update is available now but if you don’t see it yet don’t panic it will definitely be there soon. Over on the BlackBerry blog “Michael C.” has left a post for us all where he explains that there’s also some Adobe Security Bulletins coming in APSB11-12 and APSB11-18 that you can learn more about by using the links.

The update is free and it will be coming in an over-the-air fashion where you will receive a software update notification on the tablet status ribbon. Alternatively you can check for the update yourself by going to Settings and then Software Updates.

Have you received your software update yet? Are the changes worthwhile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.