Apple Propose New Full Size TV Set, Interested?

When Apple are mentioned in conversation, we tend to associate the name with the iPhone, iPad or even the Mac. But news in today is that the huge tech giants are considering bringing out a new iOS TV set which could actually arrive in the fall.

As reported, the mention of a new full size TV is a concept that Apple have embraced before now, with talk that Steve Jobs would at some time announce it. Ok, so there’s a number of us who already have the small black Apple TV box in our living room, which allows us to stream content from the PC, be it music, films, TV programmes and so on. But do you think there is a place for a new Apple TV set?

No doubt when customers buy a new TV, they already plan to have that device for sometime, let’s face it for some, a new set can be fairly expensive. Apple tend to give their devices a short life span so can they do enough to outdo their rivals?

The news comes from a report seen over at Daily Tech, in which it tells us that a former Apple executive who we have to point out is unnamed, has stated that a device will launch this autumn and will “blow Netflix and all those other guys away.”

As Pocketlint reported, the TV set will be made from an “original equipment manufacturer,” who will be joining forces with Apple. Currently there are no clues as to who this may be.

What are your thoughts on a new full sized Apple TV set? Are you an Apple fan through and through? If we asked you what price is deemed reasonable for the new TV, what would you say?