Apple iCloud & iTunes Match Survey: Your Choice?

Many of you will know that at Apple’s recent WWDC event, the new iCloud and iTunes Match were announced. Judging by the news we gave you just over a week ago, the US will benefit from the new services first with the rest of us possibly waiting until 2012.

An article that caught our eye this morning is from AppleInsider, in which a survey during 7-14th June was carried out using 1,500 iPhone users. They were each asked what service they would prefer to use, be it iCloud, iTunes Match or undecided.

RBC Capital Markets with analyst Mike Abramsky devised the survey in which the results were concluded on Monday of this week. In terms of percentages, some 76% of iPhone users felt that they are “very” or “somewhat” likely to use the new iCloud service, which would match an earlier prediction made of 150 million new users. The service will have to prove itself with other rivals such as Google offering Gmail which has attracted in the region of 200 million users, Yahoo and Twitter each having 300 million. On the flipside to this, 13% said they were unlikely to use the service.

Interestingly, results also concluded that 73% of iPhone users would favor Apple’s iMessage service. When iTunes Match was looked at, a considerably lower figure of 30% of iPhone users were either “very” or “somewhat” likely to spend $24.99 on the new iTunes Match service.

We would appreciate your comments on this, iCloud or iTunes Match for you? Let us know.