Android Users Can Now Download ITV Player For Free

Android users will be pleased to hear that ITV’s on demand video service is now available for a free download.

ITV Player is now waiting for telly lovers in the Android Market, with iOS users left waiting according to Tech Radar. This is the ITV’s first mobile offering and they opted to make the app available to Android smartphones and not for iPhones for the time being. It is a somewhat odd decision to leave out such a huge platform but there will be reasoning behind the call.

The ITV Player app offers unlimited streaming of shows from all 4 of the ITV’s stations, with programs such as Britain’s Got Talent and Emmerdale being viewable. The shows will be available for catch up 7 days after original airing with other shows being accessible for longer periods. The BBC iPlayer is also available for Android and will soon come to iOS.

For those of you who own an Android smartphone and wish to download the ITV Player app, you will need the Froyo 2.2 software or above. You will also need Adobe Air 2.6 to run the ITV Player application, 3G has reported. I have no doubts that the app will be successful, but have ITV missed a trick with no iOS launch? Leave us your thoughts.

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