Yahoo To Be Ousted By Facebook & Google On Display Ads

Yahoo are being pushed by Facebook as the top online display advertiser. The Sunnyvale based firm are currently the number 1 site for online display advertising, but predictions point out that they will be overtaken by the social networking site.

Austin Business Journal has reported that Facebook will generate an impressive 17.7% of display ad revenue in 2011, which would be a 12.2% increase from that of 2010. Google who have long been and remain number 1 in search ads are also in the mix as they are being tipped to grow to 9.3% this year, up from an 8.6% share on last year.

The increases for Facebook and Google will spark a decrease for Yahoo, with the web portal expected to lose ad display revenue. It has been predicted that their share will fall from 2010’s 14.4% to 13.1%. It has been revealed that Yahoo are in talks to acquire video giant Hulu, so if that venture is successful it could yield a rise in advertising share and revenue.

Predictions show that in 2012, Facebook will increase its advertising share to a dominant figure of 19.4%. Google on the other hand will match up to Yahoo, increasing its share to 12.3% against its rival’s 12.5%. Facebook’s growing popularity has been cited as the reason for their vast growth in the ad market as advertisers are willing to pay more to use the site.