Weird Al Yankovic Does Lady GaGa ‘Perform This Way’

Anyone who is a fan of Weird Al Yankovic will know what he is about already, for those of you who don’t he is a comical singer who takes a popular song and changes the words to make people laugh. That’s exactly what’s happened as Weird Al Yankovic does a Lady GaGa song ‘Born This Way’ and covered it as ‘Perform This Way.’

Some of his popular songs include White and Nerdy which has managed almost 62 million views since it was uploaded in October 09 and a host of others around the 2 million marker. This one so far has almost hit 1 million on its first day possibly due to the popularity of both Weird Al and Lady GaGa. This is a song that we have reported on previously when it didn’t have a video and it still went viral, now it has the whole lot it’s hilarious!

His hilarious parodies see him dress like his intended celebrity singer and perform in a similar fashion as well. In this video we see him dressed in many of Lady GaGa’s ‘alternative’ outfits such as the meat skirt complete with meat shoes.

My personal favorite part in the parody hits on 0:49 seconds where he sings “I may be wearing Swiss cheese, or may be covered with bees, it doesn’t mean I’m crazy I perform this way.” As always you can view the video at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of Weird Al’s parody? Did it make you laugh? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Andrew Davies-Land

    this literall had me wetting my pants!! im a huge weird al and gaga fan so this is just a double win for me!!