Walmart Vs Amazon In Retail Showdown: Bananas Vs Kindle

We do enjoy a good infographic here at OSM and recent examples we’ve brought you have been one about the ‘Weinergate’ effect, whereby Congress members have been tweeting less, another about the evolution of Foursquare and another about the mobile app world. Today’s infographic is a fascinating head-to-head look at Walmart vs. Amazon in a retail showdown.

It might be difficult to imagine any online retailer being able to challenge big-box retailer Walmart but Amazon is the main candidate for the job. The infographic has been compiled by and was brought to our attention by Jolie O’Dell over on Mashable. The matchup takes place over different rounds and they are titled market performance, products, brand performance, expansion and innovation and finally predicted winner. You can see the full infographic next.

Walmart Vs. Amazon
Via: Online MBA

So what are some of the most interesting stats from the ‘retail showdown of the century’? We start off with some basic facts such as employee numbers, Walmart on 2.1 million and Amazon on 33,700 and also the company origins, Walmart being a family-owned discount goods store and Amazon starting as an online book seller. Walmart is way ahead as far as revenue goes with $408 billion in 2010 while Amazon’s revenue for 2010 was a ‘mere’ $34 billion. As far as prices go though Amazon comes out best as it averages 19% cheaper prices than Walmart (not counting shipping or tax).

We were fascinated at the best selling product of 2010 for each company and can’t imagine anyone would guess Walmart’s. OK the success of Amazon’s Kindle is widely talked about but Walmart’s equivalent is….bananas! The infographic’s look at projected revenue growth is also interesting as it shows that Amazon could overtake Walmart by 2024…no rush then, although Amazon is only 16-years-old while Walmart is rather more middle-aged at 49.

Take a good look at the infographic and let us know what you think of this heavyweight retail fight. Are you surprised by any of the statistics? Send us your comments please.