Viral Facebook Scam: WTF – What are you doing in this Video??

Facebookers beware there’s another viral Facebook scam this one is titled “WTF – What are you doing in this video??” and it contains an image of a lady who seems to be having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. This seems to be the scammer’s new direction as well or so we have noticed recently.

Now you know what the wall post looks like we should also inform you that there’s more than one message that is being associated with it as it spreads across all our Facebook pages. The other message reads “99% of people will search this girl on google after watching this amazing video.” Once you click on the wall post you are directed to a slightly different looking page with an attempt at a YouTube video, the original post image enlarged and a Facebook look-a-like button on it, the button has a message prompting for a click to confirm that you are older than 18.

Once you have clicked on it you will have just published this as an article on your Facebook wall and then it will load up the bit it’s been trying to get you too, the bit where the scammers make their money! You will be offered a survey which everyone should know not to take part in. You can see an image of it below.

If you have been unfortunate enough to get to this point then you will need to take action as informed by Their advice is to find the post on your wall and hit the “X” button, then from the drop down menu select “mark as spam.” Unfortunately you may have helped spread the scam so it might be worth sharing this with your friends so that they know for this and for the next time.

Of course this is just one of the scams that we have recently reported on; others include “the most provokative video ever,” another that says Justin Bieber has punched Selena Gomez and the Nicki Minaj tape. These are just a few to look out for and if you have been caught out by any of them then follow this link for a guide to help you get sorted.

Have you seen the “WTF – What are you doing in this Video??” going around? Have you seen your friends being caught out by it? Let us know in the comments section below.