The Most Provokative Video Ever – It’s Another Facebook Scam

Firstly the spelling of the word “provocative” in the title is how it looks in the latest nasty post circulating on the world’s favorite social network. The most “provokative” video ever is another Facebook scam that we have seen so we thought we should tell you about it.

Others that we have seen over the last little while include the “overly dramatic orgasm” and the dad that apparently walks in on his daughter. We have even seen one going around that claiming that Justin Bieber punched Selena Gomez and seen someone scamming with their bait being a free $25 iTunes giftcard.

The post that you will see on your Facebook wall has a picture of what looks like a lady with no clothes on and it comes with different messages attached to it. The normal one just says “videomazing1[dot]blogspot[dot]com” but it’s also been seen with “the most provokative video ever” you can see it below.

When you click on it you are directed to what looks like a YouTube video with a Facebook style button on it asking to you certify that you are over the age of 18 telling you to click twice on the button as shown below.

The guys at Facecrooks say that it can be pretty embarrassing for you if you have got to this point already because the picture of the naked lady is then plastered on your wall leaving you with only the blushes. You will then be directed to the actual survey scam where they are trying to make their money.

To deal with this sort of scam the first thing you will need to do is find the post on your wall and hit the “X” button on it and then mark it as spam from the drop down menu. You can read more information on the next steps from this link.

Have you seen your friends being caught out by this scam? Let us know in the comments section below.