Social Networking Background Checks: Job Screening Announced

The world of Social Media like technology is a fast moving place, things are constantly changing and some people think it’s not always for the best. We have now heard of something that will definitely split people right down the middle, social networking background checks as a job screening have now been announced as we move forward.

We have heard of people being fired because of things that they have posted on their Facebook profiles and things like that but now employers have the opportunity to reject someone employment if their social networking background isn’t how they want it! This is an amazing announcement that will certainly change things going forward.

We learned of it through’s Jackie Cohen who rightly points out that now is a very good time to set your Facebook privacy settings if you haven’t already, although we are unsure what sort of impact this will have if any. She goes on to say that the US Federal Trade Commission has given the green light to Social Intelligence Corp; they keep files on Facebook user’s activity.

Apparently even if you delete a photo that shows you in a bad light or a drunken status update it won’t make a difference as the details stay on file for up to seven years! This is certainly a step up from employers simply doing a search on Google for your name. Can you imagine what would happen if someone creates an account in your name with all sorts of status updates and the real person gets fired from their job or doesn’t get the job because of it?

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  • Anonymous

    That’s why people are leaving facebook, and other social networking sites and joining onlymeworld. No Real Names, No Emails, Custom and Standard Privacy Settings. What’s sad but true, social networking sites such as facebook have whatever information you choose to put on their site, but with tagging, their like buttons that can track your whereabouts on the web(See Wall Street Journal), and now facial recognition, etc., We are all losing our privacy whether we choose to or not!