Ryan Dunn Death: Anger After Harsh Tweet By Film Critic

We brought you the sad news yesterday that Jackass star Ryan Dunn had died in a car crash, with Twitter coming alive to mourn and leave their best wishes. The mood has been upset however by film critic Robert Ebert, who posted a harsh tweet about the popular stuntman.

A Twitter storm has begun to brew as Ebert tweeted “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive”. As you can see, the tweet has been worded ambiguously, however it looks to be intended as a dig at Dunn. Mashable has reported that another harsh tweet was posted that claims it is hard to feel sorry for Ryan Dunn and his stupidity; as you can imagine fans are very displeased and upset.

It has been revealed that the daredevil was indeed drink driving and as a result, crashed and killed himself and his passenger. There has been a lot of sympathy for Dunn’s family and friends, with taking the opposite view and believing the star had what was coming to him. Ironically the last picture posted on Dunn’s Twitter was one of him and friends drinking.

His best pals and co-stars have all taken to their Twitter accounts to grieve and wish he rests in peace. You can see Johnny Knoxville’s tweet above, with Steve-O and other celebrities like Tony Hawk also posting their best wishes on the site. It is likely Ryan Dunn will be a top trend in our chart this weekend (#RipRyanDunn). Leave us your thoughts on this sad loss and if you think it is disrespectful of some people to tweet harsh posts in this time of sorrow.