New Nokia Speaker: Uses NFC & Bluetooth To Connect Your Phone

Different audio devices are becoming more and more popular as are the different technological features that we are starting to see on smartphones. Now we have the new Nokia speaker that uses NFC & Bluetooth to connect with your phone which is pretty interesting.

We have heard about some of the different uses of NFC (Near Field Communication) and seen them being demonstrated on the Nexus S. The video shows the devices are pretty much talking to each other. The same feature is being tipped for the iPhone 5 but when you think about it, the iPhone 5 has had a lot of different rumors as is to be expected.

Getting back to the subject matter of today the Nokia Play 360 speaker, we learned of its existence through Michael Gorman of Engadget who talks a little bit about it. He mentions that the that the Nokia N9 gather a lot of attention today but this barrel shaped speaker has also been announced by the guys from Espoo.

The device is expected in Q3 and it will set you back around $213 or if you are in Europe then you are looking at 149 Euros. Check out the video of it at the bottom of the article and also head over to Nokia where they are talking about the device.

What do you think of the Nokia Play 360 speaker? Let us know in the comments section below.