New MacBook Air: Intel Fast Chips To Go With Thunderbolt

News of Apple’s refreshed MacBook Air 2011 couldn’t come fast enough, rumors have been circling about the device for the last few weeks. Here at OSM we have asked you, our readers what you would like to hear announced? Presently, we are still left without any real concrete information, but so far we have brought you news about its possible price, new black aluminum casing, about the device being in production with at least half of them being the smaller 11.6-inch model, speculation as to its release with news that it will wait until the Mac OS X Lion update is in place and so on.

So what can we add to this today then? According to various sources including Slashgear via Cnet, the new MacBook Air will include the faster Intel Sandy Bridge processors as well as the inclusion of Thunderbolt connection ports. Three new Intel chips have now been spotted on a price list just a few days ago and are reported to be of a higher spec compared to their predecessors incorporated on the Samsung Series 9 laptop.

As well as the new chips being faster, the device will benefit from them being economically minded in relation to the power used. This comes as the chips are classed as ultra-low voltage with a thermal envelope of 17 watts, therefore the new MacBook Air or ultrabooks as Intel are naming them will not overheat.

The three new Intel chips including their part numbers are:

Core i7-2677M: 2 cores, 1.8 GHz (turbos to 2.9GHz), 4MB cache, 17 watts, $317
Core i7-2637M: 2 cores, 1.7GHz (turbos to 2.8GHz), 4MB cache, 17 watts, $289
Core i5-2557M: 2 cores, 1.7GHz (turbos to 2.7GHz), 3MB cache, 17 watts, $250

Give us your thoughts on the forthcoming MacBook Air? What are you hoping to see?