Google Doodle “The Longest Summer’s Day” 2011

When clicking onto the world wide web, users at times will be met with a Google Doodle representing a specific date on the yearly calendar, the latest being Fathers Day on Sunday just gone. Others include a celebration of an individuals birthday, but today its a Google designed for what is traditionally known as Summer Solstice or Midsummer if you prefer.

As reported, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami produced the latest Doodle titled “The First Day of Summer.” As you see from the image above, it is made up of flowers and animé style characters all entwined into the Google lettering. So what do we do about the summer solstice?

On looking at the Google title, you may be led into believing that it is the official first day of summer, its not, the summer solstice is celebrated by druids with today being the longest day of the summer. The solstice occurs when the Earth and the moon’s axial tilt more towards the sun, to find out more head on over to wikipedia.

Every day on the 21st day of June, many are drawn to the huge Stonehenge whilst others will organise their very own gatherings, rituals and so on.

Tell us if you are celebrating today? What are your thoughts on the Google Doodle?