Waze Social Network For Drivers: Facebook Similarities

When we talk about social networking sites, we often think about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Bebo and so on, but another that is gaining recognition is that of “Waze.” Whereas the other sites are fantastic ways to communicate with friends, upload and share photos, join events and so on, Waze is purely a tool for drivers.

How, you may be wondering? According to channel4.com, the site which is common amongst Israeli drivers, can be used for different purposes mainly as a GPS system. The app which is accessible on Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry and so on works as a smartphone GPS would.

It gives drivers an opportunity to send their current position via a Waze’s server which in turn allows the Waze team to update road names, whether there may be road blockages, speed restrictions, accidents and so on. In addition to this, every time a user updates the Waze service with news of say an accident, they could potentially be earning themselves points.

News of the Waze social network has spread to other countries such as Malaysia, Italy and now London are considering the new concept.

Give us your thoughts on Waze? Is there a space in the market for another GPS service?