Watch Out For The New Facebook Scam: Overly Dramatic Orgasm

The largest social network that we have in this world is Facebook; it has the biggest community which is why we see so many different scams hitting it. Some of the ones that at OSM have been bringing to your attention include the dad who apparently walks in on his daughter, Justin Bieber punching Selena Gomez and of course the apparent addition of the Dislike button.

Now we have another one to tell you about and it’s one to watch out for, the new Facebook scam post is titled “overly dramatic orgasm” with a message attached to it that says “So hard that her screams of ecstasy come out sounding more like weird Tarzan yell.” You can see what it looks like below.

This is just one of the messages that feature on the post as informed by the guys at Facecrooks. If you have been unfortunate enough to have fallen for the scam by clicking the link it will take you to another domain that’s not one of Facebook’s. You can see the next screen below.

If you are then to click on any of the buttons which is the user input that the scam requires it will automatically Likejack your Facebook account and post it to all of your friends spreading the scam. Following that you are directed to the actual scam which is where the scammers actually make their money.

What you will need to do to combat this scam is firstly clean up your Facebook news feed by going to the post and hitting the “X” button on it and then marking it as Spam which is an option from the drop down menu of the “X” to select. You can also follow our guide on what you should do by clicking here.

Have you been caught out by this scam? Let us know in the comments section below.