Sega Deeply Troubled From Hack: 1.3 Million Compromised

Over the last few weeks, all we seem to be faced with are reports of various companies suffering from hacking attacks. Firstly the biggest affected was that of Sony’s PlayStation Secure Network, with their other services to suffer such as Pictures and Ericsson’s phone network in Canada. Then shortly after these, Microsoft, Epic Games, Codemasters, Nintendo, NHS, Citigroup and now Sega.

At the end of last week, it started to surface that Sega were the latest in line to have their Pass online network compromised. It is still not evident who is responsible for the attack with hacking group LulzSec denying any responsibility and actually offering to help Sega in the quest to hunt down those responsible, so indications are pointing to a possible new individuals(s) in town.

With as Slashgear stating, the service being officially offline with a message to users saying, “It is going through some improvements so is currently unavailable for new members to join or existing members to modify their details including resetting passwords.”

Fresh news from Sega themselves has confirmed that some 1.3 million users have been affected, with personal information being stolen such as names, dates of birth, email addresses, passwords and so on. Credit card information seems to have been missed, but still, not comforting for those affected!

In a statement from Yoko Nagasawa who represents Sega he said, “We are deeply sorry for causing trouble to our customers. We want to work on strengthening security.”

Give us your thoughts on this latest hack attack? Have you been affected?