New MacBook Air Design Rumor: Black Aluminum Finish

Over the last month or so we’ve been writing about the new MacBook Air 2011, a refresh we’ve been expecting at any time. We’ve heard various rumors of release, written about expected features, price and more and then most recently told how the release may not come now until the arrival of the Mac OS X Lion operating system, due next month. Now we have heard completely different news, this time a new MacBook Air design rumor.

It seems the MacBook Air refresh that we know so many of you (and us) are waiting for, may feature a completely different black anodized aluminum finish. We’re surprised to hear this as we’ve heard every kind of speculation you can imagine about the new Air including the new Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt technology additions. However previous rumors always suggested the cosmetic appearance of the new MacBook Air would remain much the same.

The news of the black option for the MacBook Air came to us from Eric Slivka over on MacRumors and actually although I’m happy enough with my silver version it would be nice to see a variation for the newer model. MacRumors states that they have received several tips over recent weeks about a black finish, saying this will come to at least some models. Apparently one claim specifically says it will be available on the top-end model. The site also stresses that they are unable to confirm these reports but that after receiving this information from multiple sources it seemed worth sharing and we’d have to agree with that.

The image we’ve posted enough is not the real thing of course but rather an image of what it could look like, courtesy of Colorwave, which gives devices custom paint jobs. Edwin Kee over on Ubergizmo also reports on the black MacBook Air rumor and points out that traditionally, introducing a new color option for a device is a pretty good move. After all, the White iPhone 4 was much in demand and even though it was delayed for so long was still a big hit when it finally arrived. This time around Apple may be playing the reverse route tactic.

Are you one of the many who are waiting for the new MacBook Air arrival? Would you be happy to see a new black finish version and if so would you like it to come to all models? Let us know what you think about this by sending us your comments.

  • Kyle Smith

    I’d prefer if all Macs came in the rainbow of colors like the iPod Nanos do. Even if they charged an extra $30/50 for it I’d still buy a custom color over the boring silver.