New 2011 Mac Pro And Mini Imminent: Expected Upgrades

Apple fans will be pleased to learn that Mac Pro and Mac Mini desktop updates are rumored to commence the first week of August, well that’s according to Cnet’s Brian Tong, who correctly predicted the new iMacs, their inclusions and release date.

This comes from Tong taking to his official Twitter account with news that the updates will also include Sandy Bridge processors and as AppleInsider stated, the new speedy Thunderbolt port.

If rumor does end up having any substance to it, then the updates could be seen as early as the first week of August. Initially Tong’s first tweet consisted of “All new next-generation Mac Pros and Mac Minis will launch “Either end of July (or) first week of August.”

A second tweet was then sent suggesting that August is “More likely.”

As with the new MacBook Air 2011 refresh, it seems all devices are on hold until the new Mac OS X Lion software is established, but the Mac Pro update is now long overdue. Benefits as Slashgear reported of having the new updates may include: new rack-mountable chassis and in relation to the Mac Mini, a possible replacement to the Mini DisplayPort connection with as we mentioned the new Thunderbolt port as seen on the new MacBook Pro models.

Give us your thoughts on this latest news? Are the devices in dire need of new updates with Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt in tow?