Twitter’s Top 10 Trends This Week- Football Again?

Its that time of the week again when we give you the top 10 countdown of what has been trending on Twitter over the past week. Last week we saw Football take the top spot, but can it stay there? We offer our kind thanks as normal to Matt Silverman of Mashable who has compiled the trends chart.

To start us off at number 10, we have Selena Gomez who features for the 2nd week in a row. Last week we saw her have a minor medical scare and so tweeters are still sending their best wishes. Venezuelan Politics is next up after users tweeted about a variety of different topics and politicians, such as Cilia Flores and Iris Valera.

At number 8 is Justin Bieber who holds the same position as last time around. Fans just decided to show their appreciation for the Canadian singer by tweeting “#ThanksJustin”. Football/soccer has fallen to 7, with Michael Ballack’s retirement and Alex McLeish’s resignation amongst the trends.

Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur trended at 6, after tweeters celebrated what would have been his 40th birthday. June 16th is the day of his birth, September 13th 1996 sadly marking the day of his death. The NBA Finals is up next as the big game between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat continues to be talked about. Tweeters praised the efforts of their teams and Dirk Nowitzki in particular as he was voted most valuable player.

The NHL Stanley Cup and Vancouver Riots feature at number 4 as a result of The Boston Bruins victory in game 7. Also some Vancouver Canucks fans became angry after their loss and decided to riot and loot the downtown area. Lil Wayne charts at 3 because of a leak on 1 of his new songs. The song is called “Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)” and is a sequel to Eminem’s hugely popular song “Stan”.

Surprisingly MySpace has trended at number 2, simply because Twitter users wanted to reminisce about the days they used the tired old social networking site. Drum roll please… At the top of this week’s Twitter trends chart is Father’s Day! Tweets flooded in well ahead of today’s dads only event, with tweets like #BestDad being posted the most. To all the dads out there reading this, OSM wishes you a fantastic day! Leave any thoughts and comments you have on the chart below.