Apple iPhone 5 Your New Social Network: Plus Wireless Charging

There’s interesting news about the next Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5 (or 4S), as it seems your iPhone 5 could become your social network according to reports about a new patent application. What’s more, this new social networking application could even rival the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

In recent days OSM’s Tim Ollason has told how the new iOS 5.0 update (due for release in the fall when the iPhone 5 is also rumored for release), will have deeper social media integration. He also then reported on Facebook’s Project Spartan targeting mobile Safari users, the browser used by iPhone and the iPad. Now though it seems that Apple has big plans of its own to enter the social networking world.

Over on Metro, we’re informed that analysts anticipate that the new patent application will get round previous compatibility problems with iPhones and social media sites. As a further note it’s also reported that the next iPhone could be capable of wireless charging so that users will have the capability of charging anywhere at any time. Metro notes that reports on a wireless charging patent. Although Apple has not yet specified which devices will feature it the iPhone is widely anticipated to be one of the devices that will make use of it.

There’s also an interesting article over on International Business Times about the iPhone 5 having its own social network. Apparently the phone will be able to take into account your habits, personal taste, lifestyle and much more and find people you’re likely to get along with in your locality. Other iPhone 5 users will also be able to locate you and befriend you.

This location-based feature will be the core of the new social network. It’s a pretty cool idea and one that we feel could be really successful. The ability to be able to befriend total strangers among other iPhone users who have shared interests will no doubt go down well with iPhone users, who already have their Apple enthusiasm as a shared like to start with. This of course will work differently to sites such as Twitter and Facebook where you need to already know people to befriend them. If you want to find out more about how it will work hit the International Business Times link above. IBT also refers to a facial recognition feature being part of the new feature.

You may also be interested in our recent article about iPhone 5 competition. What are your thoughts on this latest speculation? Are you keen on Apple’s plans for its own social network? Do you hope that wireless charging comes to the iPhone 5? Let us know with your comments.