Facebook Scam: Dad Walks In On Daughter… EMBARRASING!!!

At OSM one of the things that we like to help you all out with is raising the awareness of various Facebook scams that are going around and trying to stop you falling for them. Recent scams that we have compiled reports on include the one that says “The President is Finally Taking Charge,” another involving Justin Bieber apparently punching Selena Gomez and of course the free $25 iTunes giftcard.

Now we have another one to talk to you about and it’s not a new one, it’s just one that keeps circulating with various images attached to it. The title of the scam post that you will see before it gets you is “Dad walks in on daughter… EMBARRASING!!!” you can see what it looks like below.

If you are to click on it you will be directed to another screen where it will say that you have to share it on Facebook to be able to watch the video. This will spam all of your friends with the same scam. Once you’ve sent it round instead of the perverted scene you had been hoping for you are greeted with what looks like a YouTube page with the actual scam titled “Age Certification” as shown on Facecrooks.com.

To sort out this mess that you now find yourself in you will need to clean up your news feed by hitting the “X” on the post and then marking it as spam as shown in the image below. There are further details that you can follow on this link to help out.

Have you been caught out by this scam? Let us know in the comments section below.