Brazil Takes On The Mighty iPad 2 Production September

Back in March we brought you news that a new Apple production plant was rumored to be built in the country of Brazil. Taiwanese company Foxconn who play a huge part in producing Apple parts, were rumored to be slowing down their orders of components despite at the time, news of iPad 2 deliveries taking their time to come through.

Our very own Debbie spoke about how Apple and Foxconn already had major production plants in countries such as China so it comes as no surprise to hear of yet another! Today it seems the rumor of Brazil joining the mix, is more of a reality with AppleInsider reporting that an iPad production schedule is to commence during the month of September, along with a new tablet advertisement.

Up until now, those wishing to purchase an iPad 2 in Brazil have been able to do so but at an imported price, now with a new plant on the horizon, iPad 2 tablets are hoped to be at least 40% cheaper if being produced locally.

Once the new Brazilian plant gets underway, it has been suggested that as many as 6 million iPads will be produced with 4-5,000 jobs being filled by approximately 2015.

As we mentioned news of a new iPad 2 commercial has been spotted on viral video site YouTube and Apple’s official webpage which reads, “Now we can watch a newspaper, listen to a magazine, curl up with a movie and see a phone call. Now we can take a classroom everywhere, hold an entire bookstore and touch the stars, because now, there’s this.”

Give us your thoughts on the new iPad 2? Are you impressed or have you experienced any problems with your device? Let us know.