The President Is Finally Taking Charge!! Facebook Virus/Scam

Facebook is the largest of all the social networks and it’s often left vulnerable to attack from different viral scams. Some of the ones we have reported on recently include the free $25 iTunes giftcard, the Nicki Minaj tape and of course the Amazing Effect Webcam scam that’s been doing the rounds.

The latest one that we wanted to talk to you about is “The President is Finally Taking Charge!!” that’s right it’s another Facebook virus/scam. Firstly you are going to need to know what the scam looks like when it initially hits your Facebook page, you can see it below.

That’s the wall post that you will receive from a friend who has fallen victim to these scammers already. If you click on the post then you will be thrown through a few different hosted pages as told by the author at Facecrooks. They say that you go from a page at, then to a page at until you finally land at the phishing attempt as shown below.

If you were to enter in your details you would be playing straight into the scammers grubby mitts and giving them those details. What next? Well you are definitely going to need to take action to sort this out. If you have been unfortunate enough to have fallen for this scam then use this link to find the next steps on what you need to do. You should also follow this guide to ensure that your feed is cleaned up to stop the spread of the scam. We would also advise that you run a full virus and anti-malware scan on your computer.

Have you seen this scam/virus going around? Let us know in the comments section below.