Orphans Of Disasters Get Birthday Courtesy Of Social Media

Here at OSM we talk about social media and the impact that it has on individuals or organisations be it big or small. The use of online networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on can all be used to advertise a brand, event and just yesterday we gave you some stats which highlighted the popularity of social media.

Today we looked at a heartfelt article which shows how a 16-year old’s caring efforts have helped some 300 or so orphans in Haiti and Alabama. As the world will know, Haiti was hit by a huge earthquake whilst Alabama with a tornado. But have we ever taken a moment to think, and I mean think about the impact that these disasters have on those who lose a loved one, find themselves homeless and so on. This is just what 16-year old Morgan Burnard did as well as thinking about the detrimental effect it has on children.

Burnard has just set up a non-profit organisation in Haiti called “Morgan’s Sweet Sixteen Foundation,” which enables orphans to celebrate their special birthday. As Mashable reported, because the majority of the children do not even know the meaning of a birthday, their day is referred to as a celebration of life. But we have to stress that the campaign isn’t just focusing on the children in Haiti, but other countries such as Alabama. Burnard is hoping that small donations such as gifts will be sent in to give to a child that has lost everything.

So where does social media fit into this? The campaign has set up not only its very own website page but have enlisted the help of Facebook with an official page. This will give information and ways in which you can help.

Give us your thoughts on social media being used in this way? We have to commend Morgan Burnard who at just the tender age of 16 is doing everything in her power to help those less fortunate than herself.